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  1. Better Never Born.
    Wish you had never been born? Hear what Jesus said of Judas. A message of encouragement and warning. **
  2. Fear.
    Constructive and destructive, normal and abnormal. Godly and worldly. Fear of man and fear of God. **
  3. The Glad Man.
    The evangelism of joy – “taste and see that the Lord is good.” How to have this joy. **
  4. The Acceptable Walk.
    From Eph 4 on lying, anger, dishonesty, evil speech, unkindness, immorality, light and wisdom.
  5. The Promise of Perfection.
    Encouraging and instructive.
  6. Friends.
    Bad, good, and best. Relationships. **
  7. The Tragedy of Elvis.
    Some necessary observations and lessons on the Memphis idol. **
  8. Rattlesnakes, Strychnine Poison, Holy Ghost.
    Explains some difficult verses in Mark 16 and deals with the Charismatic Movement.
  9. Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel.
    An important message to help you with the religious confusion of our day.
  10. The Other Comforter.
    The Holy Spirit as Convicter, Comforter, and Condemner – from John 14, 15, 16. **
  11. Best way to Live and Die.
    Christian philosophy of life and death.
  12. Interview with Death.
    Factual message on an imaginary interview with death. **
  13. The Empty Seat.
    In the home, the church, and heaven.
  14. Why Will You Continue in Sin?
    To the unsaved. **
  15. The Tale of Two Cities.
    Two Biblical cities with a message for the U.S. today.
  16. God’s Storm Shelter.
    Where we can hide from the coming storm of judgment. For saved and unsaved. **
  17. The Far Country.
    A Simple and tender message on the prodigal son. **
  18. The Prayer of a Demon.
    “Let Us Alone.”
  19. The Straight Gate.
    “Straight,” “Strive,” and “Shut,” gate in Luke 13:24,25. **
  20. Thorns, Rocks, Stumps, and Weeds.
    A revival sermon. How to make fallow ground fruitful ground. **
  21. The American Dream.
    A patriotic message to give officials candidates, and leaders.
  22. God’s Parking Problem.
    “Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount.” Parked churches, Christians, unsaved.
  23. The Falling Leaves. As leafless trees are still alive, so there is hope for leafless churches and Christians. Springtime and revival. **
  24. Watchman, What of the Night?
    Prophetic message with emphasis on soul winning.
  25. Guaranteed Evangelism.
    Methods of evangelism.
  26. The Fine Art of Fishing for Men.
    Following Christ and fishing for men.
  27. Harvest Time.
    This is harvest time, but it will soon be past.
  28. A Passion for Souls.
    All our efforts without compassion will be fruitless.
  29. The Home.
    The message most preached by Bill Hall – includes his testimony of being from a broken home. **
  30. How are You and Yours?
    Family relationships and influences.
  31. The Greatest Family Decisions.
    Joshua’s exhortations and example.
  32. Better Homes and Gardens.
    First home began in a garden. I Pet. 3:1-7 would make gardens of our hearts and homes.
  33. Rise and Fall of Babylon.
    Traces Babylon from Revelation back to Genesis. Focus on Middle East.
  34. A Double Minded Man.
    Divided hearts and lives.
  35. Christian Confession.
    Study of “I have sinned.” Counterfeit, confusing, and genuine.
  36. The Significance of Baptism
    The importance, picture and obligation of baptism.
  37. Home Wreckers and Home Builders
    Things that will build or wreck your home and life.
  38. Praying for Preachers
    Paul’s personal prayer appeals teach us how to pray for preachers.
  39. God’s Only Cure for Snake Bite
    Satanic and human snakes and a divine snake.
  40. A Father’s Question
    Are our children and young people safe?
  41. The Shepherd’s Work
    Scriptural pattern for the pastor.
  42. The First Revival in The New Testament
    Led by Evangelist John the Baptist.
  43. Love’s Questions
    How do we know that God loves us? How do we know if we love God?
  44. The Greatest Question and Answer
    Simple Salvation message from Acts 16
  45. The Fixed Heart
    On being established and steadfast in doctrine and life
  46. Our Time in The Flesh
    Changing, limited, uncertain, important
  47. The Christian’s Body
    The Christian’s body is the house of the Holy Spirit purchased by the blood of Christ.
  48. Things of Which I’m Not Ashamed
    Not ashamed of the Gospel, the Bible, Christ, the Church and preachers.
  49. The Age of Consent
    At what age are we old enough to drink booze, shoot dope, watch porn, gamble, etc.
  50. A Little Man with A Big Desire
    The testimony and character of Zacchaeus
  51. Christ’s Gift of The Evangelist
    Magnifying Christ and His gift of the evangelist
  52. Christian Emotions
    A study of Psalm 126
  53. Spiritual Debts
    What we owe God, God’s servants, the church, the past, the future and the world
  54. The Haves and Have Nots
    Message on materialism
  55. Windows Toward Jerusalem
    Daniel’s prayer posture




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